Plan & Objectives

Plan and Objectives:

  • Our company aims to be a graceful company that is not flaccid or loaded with the weight of ancient history.

  • Our company aims to double the company's work within three years.

  • Our company aims to double the income of employees within five years.

  • Increase the area of leadership skills , management, technical, technological and vocational training.

  • We are working to push young leaders to take up leadership positions in our company without seniority as long as available in specifications of position.

  • Applying principle of reward and punishment to everyone and without compliments and exclusion of any leaders not achieve objectives of the company.

  • Expanding the principle of delegation of authority and management in a team spirit and Holding councils for the management of executive sectors in which young workers participate, These councils are responsible for making all decisions for each sector.

  • Choose two or three young leaders in company sectors to participate in monthly councils meetings, giving opportunity to discover new young leaders.

  • Setting quarterly standards for measurement and Staff discussion to measure achievement of profitability compared to marginal profit of project and achieve the plan , safety and customer satisfaction and collection rate and percentages of materials loss through a monthly financial position for each project or production unit, and these standards are included in the promotions to higher degrees in addition to discipline and maintain On company's reputation.

  • Develop a system to link Salary incentive to production without borders.

  • Developing and innovating methods of internal, financial and technical control and inspection methods.

  • Relying on external subcontractors in parallel with the support and exploitation of internal resources and specialized companies in the Holding Company for Construction and Development.

  • We are working on application of the global system of construction companies by turning our company to a management company for construction and Development system, exploitation and management of various resources and quality of Similar companies of the holding company, and alleviate congestion and resources drain resulting from mismanagement of current resources of the company from subcontractors, equipment or otherwise.