Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

Misr Concrete Development Co. aims to become a leading company among the construction industry companies in Egypt , Arab and African countries.

Our Mission :

  • The company and all its employees are keen to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction.

  • The company is committed to providing its products and services with highest levels of quality and workmanship, achieving appropriate profit rate that maintains its strong presence in the construction market.

  • The company is keen to spread a culture of security and occupational safety and environmental protection among its employees .

  • The company believes that there is a close relationship between its business style and management and high fair values ​​of market and society.

  • Our dreams for our company will not be achieved unless all our old & young employees and management are covered by love, loyalty and belonging to the company.

  • The company believes that its development process is fundamentally linked to its human resources and that any development or change starts from inside, and believes that reorganization is not an end in itself ... it is a surgical tool for repair. successful organization chart is a catalytic tool to achieve the company's goals and the aspirations of individuals.

  • The company's history Established in 1938, have the multiplicity and variation of its activity in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kuwait, the UAE and Djibouti , it has a huge stock of accumulated experiences that help it achieve its vision.

  • The company encourages all its employees to provide technical and administrative training and to raise the level of their studies and believes that hope in its youth.