Workshop Products

Workshop Products

Concrete products

The Misr Concrete Development Company Possesses one Concrete Products Factory in El Asher Men Ramadan , This factory offer a large election of different product for various purposes , of which we mention:

  1. Concrete solid Bricks
  2. Concrete Blocks For Walls and Roofs
  3. Concrete Blocks For Pavements
  4. Paving tiles (interlock) in Several Forms
  5. Concrete Manhole Covers
  6. Concrete Seats For Gardens
  7. Concrete Fence Walls
  8. Concrete Slabs and Columns
  9. Concrete Bus Shelters
  10. Power cable ducts for subway works
  11. Guard towers
  12. New Jersey Separator units For Roads
  13. Precast Sewage Manholes

Aluminum , metal and carpentry products

The company owns (carpentry - aluminum - metal) workshops in Al Amireya El Gedida , workshop managers and workers execute all company projects works efficiently in time as well as projects outside at competitive prices , high quality and finish work on time.